I have been a professional social worker for over 30 years, with extensive experience in treating clients with issues in mental health, medical transition (coping with chronic or terminal illness), with an expertise in Prolonged Grief Therapy (formerly Complicated Grief Therapy) to assist clients in recovering from the prolonged grief that can follow the loss of a loved one. Very often, this loss is understood over time as playing an integral role in the choices we make, the obstacles we encounter/overcome, and deciding who/what we no longer need in our lives as well as who/what we will benefit from adding.

​Good therapy happens not only during your appointment hour, but between sessions as well. To that end, you will be encouraged to be an active participant, practicing interventions we discuss and, most important, making a serious commitment to yourself and your own healing.

About Cyndia

Cyndia Shook, LCSW


  • 30+ years' experience in end-of-life/  bereavement care, intensive mental health treatment, coping with chronic illness, and marriage counseling. 
  • Certified provider of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy for use with depression, anxiety and trauma.
  • Board Certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Connecticut (formerly in Massachusetts) since 1993.
  • Featured public speaker for the Alzheimer's Association, provider of community/online grief in-services to schools, senior centers, facilitator of the Schwartz Rounds at L&M Hospital.
  • Extensive training in and provider of mindfulness based therapy.
  • Special training in and experience with gay and lesbian issues.
  • Case management specialist for those dealing with insurance, social security disability and community resource issues.

Cyndia Shook, LCSW, LLC